Kürşat Tuncel’s Short Resume in English

FFB309C8-4730-4E6C-ADAC-0159568075FDAfter graduating from the A.U. Faculty of the Political Sciences in Ankara with a bachelor’s degree, Kürşat Tuncel started his career with Capital Markets Board of Turkey as a corporate finance expert. He served as an advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister and then he moved to private sector. He worked for couple of REIT companies as general manager and member of the board, including Garanti & General Electric Partnership. Followingly he experienced investment banking as director of Standard Bank and as CMO of Turkey’s biggest construction company. In 2017, he acquired Hypnotheraphy and Counselling Practitioner Diploma from B.H.R.T.I, University of London. He published 11 books until today on finance, strategic marketing, sales management, sales coaching, NLP and hypnosis.

During his 30-year career in government and private sector positions Kürşat Tuncel pioneered to some revolutionary legislations like REIT’s, venture capital and investment funds. He led also for generating 150 million USD from real estate sales in just 3 weeks and nominated as one of the top 25 CMO’s in Turkey. He was rewarded with EFFIE for most effective marketing compaigne organizer. He built a brand from the scratch and made it one of the top 3 well known brands in Turkey, confirmed by IPSOS research. In 2012 he established his own company SATIŞ KÜPÜ, which provides training, coaching and consultancy services for the firms especially in real estate, food&beverage, tire, airways, health, building materials, yatching, poultry, logistics, machinery, software industries.

Kürşat Tuncel has dedicated himself for enhancing individual and team performance of the sales professionals through offering them coaching, training and consultancy services. He is an expert on NLP, hypnotic and neuro-selling tecniques as well as building personal brand, personal development, strategic marketing and communication fields. He is also a well known motivational speaker in Turkey and very passionate about being recognized internationally.

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